mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

asian bento ;)

I was giving a look at some bento fotos inside Facebook when I noticed a pair of asian girls who make bento boxes really cute. I did not know also in Malaysia and Singapoore bento lovers were increasing, but I guess from Japan bento making has spread all over the world, theese girls have a japanese style in bentomaking that is really incredible, I guess they are more "jouzu" than the european ;)
Anyway I want to give you notice about theese bento blogs, give a watch because their creations are really really "kawaii" (cute) ;)

ANTS BENTO kawaii bee

Anne Teo comes from Malaysia (FB page)  makes cute bento lunches, she has a cute japanese style and her creations are so pretty and detailed you could think she is able to make a bento book and publish ;) she is also good in taking fotos of the bentos and believe, giving bento the right light for foto is not easy at all ;)

KAREN WEE  pricess Aurora ;)
Karen Wee (FB page) comes from Malaysia, she creates so cute bento lunches with a hard japanese style. She has a fantastic way to cut nori and create the smallest detail (princess eyes).
Give a look at KarenWee album of Facebook you'll find many other kawaii bento lunches and a collection of Princess bento like Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora ...

JAMAMA don't touch my fish !
JMAMA Rilakkuma bento
Mamababy (FB page) is a singaporean mum living in Japan, she has a small daughter and creates bento for her with really cute results ;)
She also has a online shop where to buy cute bento and accessories, just click here at MAMA BABY ;)

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Unknown ha detto...

Thank you so much for sharing my FB. I'm from Malaysia and loved to made bento for my kids. By the way, you've a nice blog and great bento too!

Unknown ha detto...

thank you so much ;)
I was wondering what is your favourite food to put inside bento ... what is tipical malaysian to put inside a packed lunch ?

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